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Glasgow has a rich and diverse history dating back thousands of years. The area now known as Glasgow was settled by the Celts in the Bronze Age, and later by the Romans. The city itself was founded by the Christian missionary St. Mungo in the 6th century AD. In the Middle Ages, Glasgow grew into an important religious and educational center, and by the 13th century, it had become a royal burgh and a major center for trade and industry. The city continued to grow and flourish throughout the medieval period, and by the 19th century, it had become one of the largest and most important cities in Britain.

During the 18th century, Glasgow became a major center of shipbuilding and engineering. The city was a major player in the Industrial Revolution, and its shipyards, textile mills, and other industries brought great prosperity to the area. This period also saw the rise of the Glasgow's famous "Tenement" housing, as the population boomed with the influx of immigrants.

In the 20th century, Glasgow's industries continued to grow and evolve, and the city became a major center for heavy engineering, chemicals, and electronics. The city also developed a strong cultural identity, with the emergence of the "Glasgow School" of art and architecture, and the rise of the "Celtic Revival" movement.

Recently, Glasgow has undergone a process of regeneration, with a renewed focus on culture, tourism and services. Many of the old industrial buildings were repurposed and modern infrastructure was built, giving the city a new look and feel.

Overall Glasgow's history is a story of resilience, innovation and cultural expression, that has helped shape the city as it is known today

Hotels of Glasgow

Glasgow Hotels

We present a selection of Glasgow hotels. Find the right one from the Glasgow hotels merchant city hotels to Westend of Glasgow or hotels near the Hydro and SECC. City center hotels in Glasgow view our hotel section best deal suit your needs.

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Glasgow’s wealth was built on the tobacco, sugar and cotton trade in the eighteenth century, the legacy of which can be seen in the 18thC warehouses which have been transformed into the trendy shops bars and loft apartments of the Merchant city. The Industrial Revolution brought further prosperity and the West End or South Side of the city reveal buildings by Glasgow’s two greatest architects Alexander ‘Greek’ Thomson and Charles Rennie Mackintosh.

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Glasgow Pubs

Glasgow Pubs offers you a guide to Pubs in Glasgow for you and your friends to visit. Glasgow has a host of varied and vibrant pubs for you to visit, ranging from Byres Road and Ashton Lane in Glasgow’s West End to George Square and Argyle Street in Glasgow’s city centre. Whether it’s a quiet night out with family or a fun time out with friends, we’ll find you a Glasgow pub to visit.

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Glasgow Bars

George Square and the Merchant City are right in the heart of Glasgow City centre and offer a range of different and exciting locations for you to visit. Varying from quiet, old fashioned style pubs to the new modern wine bars. Whatever your looking for your sure to find it here! George Square and the Merchant City are well served by Glasgow Queen Street railway station and Buchanan Street Subway.

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Glasgow Clubs

Glasgow West End consists of pubs and clubs in and around Byres Road and Ashton Lane. This is also where Glasgow University is situated so the West End is a hot spot for students who are enjoying a night out. Glasgow West End also plays host to the West End festival every year where numerous acts perform to the crowds in June. Everything from Samba dancing to comedy shows can be found

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Glasgow hosts the International Jazz Festival whilst the Royal Scottish National Orchestra proms are held in June and the World Pipe Band Championships in August. The city is also the home of Scottish Opera, Scottish Ballet, The National Youth Orchestra of Scotland and the Citizens Theatre.Glasgow has more than twenty museums and galleries, all of which are free, including the Burrell Collection, Mackintosh House, the Art gallery and Museum, Kelvingrove and the Gallery of Modern Art, located in the former home of one of the tobacco lords.